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Video Marketing

Stories, that are visually explained are remembered the most. In addition to our Facial Motion Capture projects, we also offer services around storytelling, which is one of our most valuable talents. In order to improve the customer experience, one must also be able to explain a product or service through illustrations. Only when a customer has a profound understanding of your product or service, actual recommendations will take place.

How does it work?


  • Consultation
  • Creating a concept
  • Storytelling/Storyboard


  • Animation
  • Professional speaker in any language
  • Soundtrack and SFX


  • Implementation Website
  • Videomarketing
  • Search Engine Marketing

“Stories reach out to people and get them emotionally connected. Get your customers excited so they can share your vision to the world of social media, where sharing ideas and experiences is happening at lightspeed and a viral video can make all the difference”.

Navid Tabrizi
CEO – animationFilm

In cooperation with


Data Collection

Through Social Media Surveys and other channels we collect data of your viewers

Understanding Data

With our analytic tools we provide you solutions to understand your audience and their emotions

Take actions

With the insights collected, our software will tell you what to do to make improvements

Video marketing allows you to push information out on platforms, where big data gets collected. We are specialized to convert this big data into structured data, called smart data.


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