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About Kino-mo

Kino-mo is a London-based company that develops hi-tech smart visual technologies. Kino-mo received a number of British awards, worked with global brands from Samsung and Intel to Aston Martin and was awarded Top 3 British innovations of the year.

Leading visualisation solution for brands and retailers

High impact
communication channel

The technology allows making rapid updates directed at specific audiences

Holo displays enhance customers experience while increasing dwell time

Holographic effect both
seen and felt

The stunning holographic effect allows building loyalty near the point of sale

Kino-mo display’s ultra-bright 3D videos create the desire to engage in the experience

The Next Thing
in instore display

Kino-mo holo display commands attention and has impact on purchasing behaviour

Existing visual assets can be transformed into holographic visuals with 3D effect

Holographic technology

Kino-mo displays are often associated with holograms due to the floating in mid-air 3D visuals looking alike. While any holograms that have ever been on the market were extremely expensive, involved time-consuming installations and required a dedicated space, Kino-mo holo-displays are a cost-effective and scalable alternative. Kino-mo finally brings small- and medium-sized holograms into masses.

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