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Facial Motion

Interact Live and get their attention

With Faceware we can bring characters back to life. This can be historical figures, celebrities or animation figures that gains peoples attention and increases the interactivity. Through Holograms or any other medium we provide a unique experience that will be remembered.

Here you have some examples of Live Events done with Faceware

Animated spokes-turtle at Aquarium

This state-run Aquarium was looking for something different for their kids summer program.  They created “Caretta” a sea turtle as their animated spokes-turtle.   Each of the marine biologists, who run the program are able to sit in an electrical room behind the TV and perform as Caretta in front of our GoPro desktop system.   They have 3 computer monitors—one running the Live software, one running the Unity Scene, and another which shows the “live” camera feed of the kids so they know who to talk to.   The performance is then synced out to the TV. The Aquarium makes use of a voice modulation software for voice-consistency across the different marine biologists. They also use an Xbox controller to control Caretta.  Each of the trigger buttons (L-R) waive her arms and the main buttons can trigger an individual animation (high five, wink, and more).

Interacting with travelers at JFK airport

This setup was used in the JFK airport and had the Mucinex main guy interacting with travelers in one of their main terminals.  Meanwhile, a famous voice actor was below in the tunnels of the JFK airport wearing one of our ProHD Headcams and X-Sens capture suit.

Facial performances at conference

The characters appear as part of a panel discussion at their annual conference.  The two voice actors came in about 15 minutes before the panel and sat in front of our GoPro Desktop systems and streamed their facial performances straight into our Live software and the Unreal game engine using our Live for Unreal plugin.  The event was a smashing success, going on for 45 minutes.

With our suite of facial motion capture products, you can easily capture stunning, realistic facial motion from an actor with a single video camera, completely markerless.

Pro HD Headcam System

Our Pro HD Headcam kits are robust head-mounted camera solutions used for facial motion capture. Capture crystal-clear video reference of any acting performance that is optimized for animator reference and facial tracking with Faceware software. The cameras output standardized video signals for adaptability into any pipeline.  Our systems provide the ideal balance of function, form, adaptability, and price.


GoPro Headcam Kit

The GoPro® Headcam kit includes everything you need for facial performance capture. Trust the combination of the GoPro® cameras and Faceware head-mounted performance capture. Our unique drop-design bars allow clear line of sight and remain out of the your actor’s peripheral vision as well as add strength and rigidity to the camera mount.


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